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What makes the New Homes Division of Howard Hanna William E. Wood, Realtors® the right choice for you?

The New Homes Division of Howard Hanna William E. Wood is synonymous with exceptional service and unparalleled experience. No other local real estate firm provides more support for you while you’re shopping for the New Home of your dreams.

We have all the tools you’ll need to be certain you’re making the right decision for YOU. It’s so important to have the peace of mind that makes buying a New Home a wonderful experience.

Our Division combines the latest technology with it’s experienced agents to provide you with a solid support system that you can COUNT on. Let us join your search - together we can make your New Home dreams come true!

In your search for a new home...

Buying a new home can seem overwhelming. Many buyers feel so many emotions they wonder if building their dream home is something they should undertake. The best way to be sure you know you are making the right decision is to be completely informed about exactly what is involved when building a new home.

You have questions...

Everyone has a lot of questions when they are looking at different communities and considering their options. WEW New Homes Division has the answers you are looking for here in the Buyers’ Guide. We have tried to address all areas where questions typically arise and give you some of the information you’ll need to make your decision. While this booklet addresses some of the issues when buying new construction, your best resource is the Site Sales Associate in the community who can provide assistance and give you specific answers to your questions.

What you need to know...

At Howard Hanna William E. Wood New Homes Division, we want you to use this guide to help you know what to look for when making your purchasing decision. With the right information, you’ll have peace of mind that you have made a fully informed choice. With your knowledge, you’ll avoid frustration during the building process. Please let us know how we can answer more of your questions!

Let the New Homes Division of Howard Hanna William E. Wood help create a pleasant buying experience for you - FREE of unanswered questions. We have an unparalleled team of experienced professionals and cutting edge tools to keep you informed.

Let us answer your Questions

Why Buy a Home?

There are many reasons why you should buy rather than rent. Maybe it makes sense to buy now because your credit report is in good shape, because your job is finally secure, or because you want a better life for you and your family - room to grow! You may want to buy so that you’ll have something to borrow against, for large upcoming expenses (like a college education or a wedding). Or you may want to buy simply for the empowering feeling of independence and freedom, while building equity and creating a sound investment for you in the future.

Why are we the best choice for you?

When you choose a Howard Hanna William E. Wood Realtor®, you choose someone who is part of a strong team - a team boasting more than 37 years of real estate knowledge, a team with a commitment to use the latest technologies to help its clients and customers, and a team that puts YOU (and your new home) first.

What specifically can we do for you?

  1. Determine your financial picture, and determine your buying power
  2. Use all of the resources available to help you find the right home
  3. Assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property
  4. Help you understand the local housing market and just what’s available
  5. Preview houses for you, so that you stay within your price range
  6. Help you understand pricing and the value of certain amenities
  7. Negotiate for you, so that you get the best price on the home of your choice
  8. Make sure that your new home has all of the appropriate inspections, to protect you
  9. Clearly explain all of the various financing methods that are available to you
  10. Guide you through the closing process to make sure that everything is completed to your satisfaction
  11. Recommend that you use the Howard Hanna William E. Wood Service Center to help you get set up in that new home, once you’re in.

Is it hard to finance and qualify for a new home?

Towne Mortgage -

The choice of the right mortgage company is vital to a homebuyer. Howard Hanna William E. Wood realizes this, and has joined with Towne Mortgage to facilitate the mortgage process, on-site, with potential buyers. Here are a few of the advantages Towne Mortgage provides:

Equal Housing Lender    Equal Housing Lender
  1. Preliminary credit reports and other qualifying factors to make sure that you are only looking for those homes you can afford.
  2. Answers to general financing questions; helps to put transactions together, finds the best financing program for your needs, and a "pre-approval" letter to strengthen a buyer’s negotiating position.
  3. Materials to educate you on the homebuying process and make contract negotiation easier.
  4. Competitive pricing on a variety of financing programs.
  5. The convenience of "one-stop shopping".
  6. A smooth transaction from start to finish.

However, some new home communities may also have preferred lenders to work with you to find the right mortgage to fit your needs. These preferred lenders are often versed in the specific requirements for that community making the lending process simple. These lenders can also help you create a financing package that will get you into your dream home with payments that meet your budget. There is no need to stress about finding flexible financing options as there are many available. The Site Sales Associate at the community can assist you in choosing which lending institution will best suit your individual needs. Then you will speak with a Loan Officer from a reputable lender who will ask you some questions and determine the amount of a loan that meets your budgetary requirements. It’s that simple.

I’m renting now; why should I buy?

The most secure asset anyone has in there portfolio is their home. Besides the tax advantages to owning versus renting, favorable lending rates and financing programs have created a purchasing environment that is unmatched in recent history. There has never been a better time to consider buying. Plus many New Home communities are offering incentives to help you buy, like closing cost assistance or a lease buyout. Ask Site Sales Associate for details.